SL Wyandottes - do "crisp" chick markings mean better adult markings?


11 Years
Oct 15, 2008
Central Virginia
I just received my first batch of day-old silver laced Wyandotte chicks. I'm picking out a few for myself and selling the rest. I've noticed that some of them have "crisper" white markings along their backs, and I was wondering if that meant that they would have better lacing as adults. I also have 2 who look more brownish than black, and some who are a deeper black than others -- does that mean anything? I want to pick out ones who will be pretty adults. They are all supposed to be pullets, if that makes a difference. They are hatchery chicks, so I know they won't be show quality, but I'd at least like them to be a pretty example of silver lacing.

P.S. Forgot to mention that this is somewhat urgent, as someone's coming to buy the rest on Saturday and I need to get mine picked out soon! Thanks --
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