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  1. OK, I'm an old (ish) woman constructing my coop by myself. My tools consist of a skill saw, drill, driver, and one darn big hammer (turns out I don't have the skill (strength) to screw it together even when I predrill the holes.

    My coop is a pole barn style construction 8 X 10, slant roof from 8 ft to 7 ft on the short side. I mean if you are looking at the 8' side, then you see the slant of the roof.

    I have googled roof construction, and watched a coupla videos regarding cutting roof trusses. The air movement as all of this went right over my head was amazing. I don't understand roof trusses at all.

    Is there some simple way to make/attach a slant roof that does NOT involve all that notching? I saw one coop on here that LOOKED like they simply built a square roof (similar to a wall frame), then lifted it onto the building frame and attached it to the posts? Is this possible. Can it be made secure enough by attaching it to the posts and wall framing?

    I sure would like to bypass all that intricate truss/joist notching if I could.
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  2. ScottM

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    Use construction ties, ask for 'hurricane' ties at your local hardware store.
  3. Ole rooster

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    Scott's right. Notching is not necessary. It does give a solid platform for the rafter to rest on though. There really are nurmerous ways to tie rafters to the top plate. The connectors he mentions will work fine.

    If you do not notch the rafters you can build the roof section in one piece on the ground and lift it up into position. All you need is 4 strong people, 4 stout ladders, and the connectors. For an 8X10 roof, which will be somewhat larger for overhang, it will be quite large to handle.
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  5. Thank you all for the help. I was at a loss and you have given me some good ideas. Hmmmmmm 4 strong guys with dreams come true!
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    I just finished my new 8x12 hen house, (well its weathered in anyway). I used a slopped (slant roof) also. Because the shed is 8ft wide, I used 2x4x10s, stood on their sides and used hurricane strips as mentioned in earlier posts. After that I toe-nailed one nail into the header just because. the rafters are on 16 inch centers and after I sheethed the roof it is unbelievably strong. I see no reason it wont work in your case also. Have fun....
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    Hi Garden, I'm a general contractor in Az. and I would use the simpson h1 ties that lazy L posted a link to, no need to cut or notch any boards for what your trying to build.
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    so hurricane ties will allow you to build it......bigger are in snow country........def toe nail them as well if not notching.........however the notch is super easy just hold one up to the side and trace the notch....can be cut with skilsaw and hand saw. it will really tie it in better.

    of other concern is a 1 ft slope over 10 ft is considered flat in roofing.....will it hold and drain the snow you get effectively??

    oh and the four ladders??????yeah that wont work unless they can walk on the ladders. lol you cannot possibly lift it from the corners of the building.....maybe 8 guys and 4 ladders
  9. Ole rooster

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    Better still, get the 4 men to build the roof in place. That is on the coop. The birds mouth really is fairly easy to do. Plus I do like the solid seat to work with. If you have one of those Johnson squares you get at any hardware store it tells in there just what to do. That way it can easily done one board at a time.

    But still if you make lunch and plenty of treats, no telling how many men you can get to help. [​IMG]
  10. conny63malies

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    Mar 22, 2008
    Annetta Kentucky this is how i figure out my rafters. Its a free 30 day trial for a rafter software. Gives you plenty of time to work with. Very simple to work with
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