sleeping arrangements lol


9 Years
May 6, 2010
I have a
wyandotte partridge
blue arucana
3 baby 10-12 week old chicks i guess lol

well i have a coop and a large run

coop is 3ft x 2ft small but they are bantams
the run is 6ft x 5ft

i installed 2 rows of perches inside and have sat them on it twice but they still sleep on the floor and the 2 bigger ones take in turns to sleep in the nest box there are 2 but the other one never get used.

the nest boxes are 12" x 12" approx

well tonight they are all squished in the nest box all of them lol hillarious

they done really poop in it so thats good

i did put a egg in there a shop one i blew it out first and they have shifted this out.

what can i do to make them roost correctly i will add a pic of the inside of the coop so you can see maybe its my setup etc

(i had the 2 hens free from freecycle so the 3 babies were additional freebies they will have to go later on to make way for my white silkie) im not sure what breed they are or even if they are hens or cocks lol they have long legs compared to bodies ill add pics im guessing cross partidge)
most young birds sleep low and in a pile, at least mine do, most everyone blocks nest boxes until they are laying age, after a bit, they will get the hang of what everything is for. ah the joy of silly fowl! and my silkies, regardless of age sleep on the ground, or roost very low
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