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Sleeping in No-Crow Collar

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by adexter, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. adexter

    adexter Hatching

    Aug 5, 2016
    Can a rooster sleep in the no crow collar? Do you keep it on for however long?

  2. Teila

    Teila Bambrook Bantams Premium Member

    Howdy adexter

    Yep, he can sleep with the collar on; unless you want to go out super early and put the collar on him before he starts crowing.

    Have you used a no crow collar or are you thinking of trying one?

    We are not allowed to have roosters where I am and so that I do not risk the unwanted attention of having the authorities on my doorstep, I have not attempted to keep one so I have no personal experience with the no-crow collar but I have a friend who has.

    Her first BCM rooster she tried it on was not happy with it initially but got used to it. She was not that happy with the ones she bought and ended up making her own.

    I have heard of a few roosters choking to death while wearing the collar. Even with the correct setting, sometimes there is the risk of them eating something a bit bigger than normal and it not being able to move past the collar.

    My friend nearly lost her boy when she was tweaking the collar and it was a little too tight; so if you are going to try one, obviously watch very closely. It took her probably two weeks of early morning tweakings to find the right setting.

    However, this rooster still had to go into his man cave at night because even with the collar on the best setting she could find, he managed to make enough noise that the neighbours could hear him.

    So, he used to sleep in a crate, with his collar on and in a dark corner under the house (she has an under house coop).

    Anyways, because she felt this to be cruel, he is now living on a farm and can crow to his heart’s delight.

    His son, who she kept, now has a no crow collar but with him it is enough to keep his crows at a less audible level and he does not have to sleep in a man cave and sleeps with his hens on the roost.

    With what I have read about the collars (extensive), it works for some and not for others.
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  3. WVMountianMama

    WVMountianMama Hatching

    Oct 27, 2014
    Berkeley Springs WV
    I have a beautiful Cuckoo Bluebar roo who at 5 months is very large and very loud. I have 6 acres and no problem with having roos but he was driving us and our 12 hens nuts with 24 hr a day crowing. All I did was take self adhesive black sports tape that looks like an ace bandage lift up his feathers and place the tape around twice. It works great. Not a sound and he can eat, drink, and breath with no problem. Its soft and he sleeps fine with it. I check in every morning and will replace it when it gets worn out. Its much more humane and cheap then the other store bought ones. Silence and peace has been restored to our little farm. It also has seemed to calm down his aggressive mating.
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