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    Aug 7, 2012
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    My chicken "Mim" short for "Mad Madame Mim" came to live with me after being found with her beak rubber banded closed, her feet duct taped together and covered in mites and left for dead behind a hotel at the beginning of summer her waddles dhrunk from lack of nutrients. Since then she has made a good recovery is up walking around and eats just fine. Its starting to cool off here in Boise and I've noticed her standing out in the sun with her eyes closed. This is day two its about 70 degrees outside. I brought her inside and she has her own food water blankys and a small heat lamp cause i figured she might be chilled. I have no idea how old she is, from the looks of her she must be 5ish but I can't tell from the abuse. Her feathers have grown back but she is breathing heavily. She seems winded easily and well maybe this is just a really old chicken. She has never been full of energy since I got her (again i don't expect her to be she seems to have arthritus when she walks) The other hens leave her alone because of her attitude. She is a road island red but her feet are very VERY thick. But I feel so sorry for her, her little beak is brittle permenantly deformed and I have been giving her plenty of extra scraps and veggies all summer and her feathers have begun to shine once more but I can't tell if its just the cold or she needs a little extra rest as opposed to walking all over the back yard in the cold. I'm open to any and all suggestions, she has not laid a single egg all summer but again she was SOOOO abused I really don't expect her to. When she first came to me she just laid by her food and water bowl... is there anything I can give her to help her or should I just let her rest for a bit? Is this normal for older hens?
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    Aww bless your heart! You could try giving her a bit of vitamin powder in her water and some probiotics.

    Would she happen to have scaly leg mites on her legs? Just wondering you said something about big legs. ?

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