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    Do the group that you raised together sleep together too as they grow?
    My little group doe's everything together. One may do something else but they are 10' apart from each other always or the one seperate will peep a lot.
    Do they and will they sit on each others eggs?
    Will the egg laying patterns be similar with hens laying eggs that are bought or raised together or siblings?

    What other characters do sibling/raised together chix do as a team or similar?

  2. i've noticed that chickens raised together as kids will continue to hang together as adults. i've meshed several groups together, but the siblings still hang together in the pen - one group over here, the other group over there. i have one pen where most of the six chickens were raised alone or with another sibling that passed away. They all tolerate each other, just barely sometimes, but retain their sense of isolation. i guess that's why i have 8 different chicken pens with just a few in some of them. The pecking order can be brutal when chickens aren't raised together, and i can't handle the adjustment period. i think it's very comforting to chickens to see the same chicken faces all the time.
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    "Siblings" even if they are different breeds or sexes share a special bond. I think that you will find that they tend to hang together and live as a distinct group.
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    Very definitely.....I have about 6 splinter groups. A number of 'couples', too, where the roo always sticks around with one hen only (But doesn't say 'no' to any passing hen)

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