Sleeps with head under her butt

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    Yeah, that sounds funny... but she does. She's about 8-10 weeks old, a buff laced polish. She was with other chickens until three weeks ago when she wouldn't stand or walk on one leg. I brought her in, checked her out, couldn't find any injury, swollen, broken, anything. I have kept her in the garage since then and honestly, long story short, I've been on vacation off and on since then and my neighbor has been watching her along with the others. She is alert, eats and drinks fine. No other ailments and she is standing and walking much better then three weeks ago.

    So, I went out to check on her today and she was sleeping, head curled underneath her breast, like chin down, and stuck out under her legs facing backwards. She was partially standing. She opened her eyes when I called to her but never moved until I picked her up. I sat her back down, she went in a position where she looked like she would preen her breast, but her head kept going and she did a full flip. I found her again a little while ago, sleeping in the same position.

    I wish my daughter hadn't lost my digital camera last week or I'd show you a picture. It's pretty dang funny, but I wonder if I should worry about something neurological or a deficiency? Her poo has been normal, though a bit watery today. She eats Purina Start and Grow. She's by herself in her own cage.

    Any ideas?

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    It would be 'dang' funny if you had a normal bird with a quirky sleeping habit, but as this sounds like an ill or injured bird, it is more sad to me.

    You are right to worry about dietary deficiency or neurologic problem- either could be right. The food is appropriate, but how old is the bag/when opened/when milled/how stored?

    One of Marek's initial common signs is limping/lameness. Especially if she is not vaccinated, this would be quite possible. Search Marek(s) disease, lots of talk about it, as well as differing opinions on what to do. I would quarantine and cull a bird I was convinced had Marek's. But you should convince your self that you do not have a dietary deficiency by getting a new bag of food if you have any reason not to trust the one you have, and start multivitamins including Bcomplex/A/E calcium/VitD. If you cull, consider having the state lab take a look at the bird, then you will know for sure what you had. jess
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    You sure its neck isnt broken?
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    Her neck actually does seem a bit crooked, like a hump at the back, but I felt around earlier and manipulated movement and I can't feel or find anything. She has no problems drinking or eating or stretching.

    Jess, she was vaccinated for Marek's. None of my other flock in that coop of 15+ are showing any signs. She has been quarantined for three weeks. Wouldn't they show signs at this point if it were Marek's?

    I go thru a lot of feed, so I open bags frequently and they get fresh feed often. I actually just opened another bag today, the second 50 lb bag three weeks ago. It is stored in a dry building.

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