Sleepy Bantam Appears to have Narcalepsy

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  1. Jewell

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    Oct 1, 2012
    Please help! Just got my first bantam 2 weeks ago. She is 5 or so months old. She had swollen eyes for a couple of days a good week ago. My other chickens came down with cold like symptoms about the same time. So,I put antibiotics in water, and her eye swelling went away after 2 days. She never really had any of the other cold symptoms. About a day or two after swelling went away she became very sleepy and lethargic. Keeps her eyes closed most of the time, but wakes up for very short periods to scratch around a little. She is drinking and eating very little. Been like this for about six days now. I do have her separate from others and heat lamp at night. I am new at chickens and dont know what to do........please help. Oh, her stools seem to be yellowish and soft with some greenish stuff. Stopped antibiot because I thought they may have been making her sleepy. She was on them for 7 days.

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