Sleepy chicks


12 Years
Sep 23, 2007
SE Texas
Has anyone ever noticed all their chicks falling asleep standing up @ pretty much the same time? I've never noticed this before, but they are all standing around and 6-7 of the 9 are looking like that 'Pepsi Wake Up People' commerical. Is this normal or are they maybe missing something? If it was my adults I'd think maybe they needed thelight off at night to rest, but obviously w/week olds they need the light 24/7 so I am clueless....
Mine fall asleep and wake in the blink of an eye. Their eyes close and their heads and bodies droop; then the next second one runs over the sleeping lot and their all up and running around. I have infrared lights, so they are acclimated to a day/night cycle when I turn off the room lights & just leave the infrared on for warmth. They all sleep through the night, I hear very little peeping; then when I turn the light on in the morning they all get up and start running around.
At first I thought something was wrong with mine when I got them. They would seemingly pass out and drop where they stood!! Then somebody would run over them and they'd pop back up and go on their merry way like nothing had happened.
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Yea, that's totally what I was thinking...that something was wrong w/this batch b/c I never noticed this before!
They're just laying down & all of a sudden they pop up & then bam they are back down asleep. Like they are narcaleptic (sp?) or something!
They act just like toddlers that play and play and play and then can't keep their eyes open...come to think of it, my dog does that too; but she growls if someone steps on her while she's sleeping.
My brooder has 2 rooms, the original box & then a larger box that they can get to through a little doorway. When they are tired the go into the original box and sleep either on the ground or on one of the roosts. When they are all up they chase each other from room to room, but when some are sleeping and some awake its usually the sleepy ones in the original box and the playing ones in the new run. Both boxes have food, water and a heat lamp. I find it interesting how they differentiate between the two boxes for play and sleep...just like a coop.
Thanks everyone for making me feel better...wonder if I could make a new Pepsi commerical w/my chicks & submit it & make BIG $$$???


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