Sleepy chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Sarahal88, Feb 28, 2015.

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    Dec 31, 2014
    I'm almost 1 week into my first time raising chicks and I feel like I am worrying all the time whether ot not they are doing ok Here they are, almost all taking a big group nap. Pretty cute - and normal? They are not piled under the heat lamp, but all off to the side so I don't think they are too hot. It seems like when I have to disturb them by catching one to clean a apsty butt or changing water, etc, they all run around and get worn out, then all sleep together like this. [​IMG]

    Then there are the chronically tired ones, which I have asked about elsewhere. There were 3 who seemed weaker after shipping who have never gotten to be as active as my others. One has died already. The next weakest seems to have mostly reocvered but still doesn't have the same energy as others. The 3rd one was dong great, but after running around a bunch when I had to catch her sister, she is now getting that fatigued look. I have still seen her drinking, not sure about eating....and they can be hard to tell apart.

    Can you guys tell me about your normall chick sleeping behavior? Normal to fall asleep standing up and tip over? To see the same chick seemingly sleeping a lot? To all sleep at once in the day time?

    Thanks! I am just a nervous nelly, don't want to lose any more, especially this little light brahama flufflball I am worrying about now.
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    My chicks sleep most of the time, sometimes even standing up. I've heard that shipping can be pretty stressful for chicks. Maybe, to be on the safe side, you could always supplement their water with some vitamins or a little apple cider vinegar. I've heard that plain greek yogurt is is a good treat for baby chicks and can help with pasty butt. Mine sure like it, but I've never had issues with pasty butt.

    But yes, it is normal for chicks to fall asleep standing up. I'd make sure the same chicks are eating and drinking, and I'd probably throw a cheap thermometer into your brooder just to double check temps.

    Are they on medicated feed?

    Unfortunately, it's fairly common to lose a chick or two... especially when they are shipped. Just keep an eye on them, try not to worry too much. They look adorable!
  3. Since none of the chicks are under the light and sleeping away from the light, I am going to guess under the light is too hot. Over heated chicks can get dehydrated.

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