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    Jul 19, 2010
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    My Polish hen is very slender compared to the rest of the flock of a silver wydenot, a banty cochin (I think), and a standard black sex-link. She's near the bottom of the pecking order, so I am a bit worried that she may not be getting her fair share of food. The other three tend to exclude her, and she's very skittish. Are polish birds usually slender?
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    You almost have to separate polish away from the others birds.

    I had put one of my polish in the big coop with the Ameraucanas. I picked her up the other day and felt how skinny she was and put her back in with the other polish. I think she'll eat more that way.
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    They are pretty thin birds, when you compare them to the heavier breeds. If you worry that she isn't getting enough to eat, perhaps keep her in a fenced/closed off area before you feed the others and drop some for her, just to make sure she gets enough. After, feed the rest of the flock and let her join. That way she isn't missing out on anything.

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