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    Apr 20, 2015
    I have a hen that is nesting right now. Earlier this week I saw some feathers on one side sticking out more, I thought her legs were out of whack because she was laying. Yesterday I saw blood in the cage and she was holding her right leg up. Turns out she has a 3"x4" slab of skin and feathers sliced out of her side, still attached. I think she made it bigger, because her beak was covered in blood and I saw her eating/picking at the innermost part. Most of the visible part was dried... it looked like rib jerky, but where she was picking was bloody. It thankfully doesn't look infected, and she's now standing on both legs, but she has a definite limp, and the huge slab sways when she walks. I separated her from the Tom and she is now broody. I was wondering what I should do. Since it's not infected and mostly looks like jerky on her side, as well as since she's broody I feel like leaving her.
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    Tom probably slipped and sliced her.

    I have had a couple that I left and did nothing with but seperate from the tom and they healed fine.

    The one this spring was the worst as he got both sides. All she could do was stand ans set. She would try to move and would fall flat on her head.Lesson learned to big of a tom to to small a hen.

    I separated her and isolated her in a clean crate and blue koted her wounds she is back in the pen laying again.

    They have the ability to heal nicely from some horrible looking wounds.

    Hope your hen makes a full recovery
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    Blu-kote/Durvet Red Wound Spray - directly on wound (daily). Adams dog/cat tick/flea spray (just a couple quick spritzes of the mist on outer surface of feathers lying over wound - won't kill flies, but will keep them from landing). Keep your nose busy when dealing with her up close - probably pick up a systemic antibiotic to keep in fridge (Penicillin), just in case.

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