slight chicken addiction


8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
long beach, wa
So apparently I have an addictive personality and need to stop looking at all of the purty pictures on the forum... Chicken math has taken hold. I built my coop big enough for 8, but chose to have 4. Mentioned it to my mom, who bought me six. Two turned out to be roosters, one was never quite right and didn't wake up one morning. Rehomed the roo's and buried the hen totalling three australorps. Decided I needed some color and purchased a gold laced wyandotte and silver easter egger (maybe??). Brought them home and thought I was done. Now totalling 5. Brooded about the brahma girl that I saw when I picked up the other girls, and darling boyfriend said go fo it, picked her up today for a total of 6. Scheming to add a silkie and a showgirl next summer in a separate coop... don't tell my DBF.
Pics of my girls!!

Three newest girls

Daisy (todays addition)

Goldie and Mariposa

Oprah and Robyn (the twins)

Shaniqua (the rooster ripped out her weave before I managed to rehome him)

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