Slightly droopy eyes??

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    Hey all. I have 10, 6 week old chicks and 2, 5 week old ducklings who shared a brooder. I noticed last night that one of my ducklings has slightly droopy eyes and a few of the chickens might have them, too. I have attached some pictures; they're the best I could get. I moved my chicks into the coop with my two adult chickens today, but I wonder if I should move them back? Thoughts??
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    If they are eating poorly, have runny droppings, or are hunched, coccidiosis might be a problem. It's common when chicks of different ages are together. Corid or amprollium is the treatment in the water for 5 days. I would be cautious putting young chicks together with older hens without a fence between them. The young ones can be injured.
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    They're definitely not eating poorly - I'm having to refill the feeders like crazy! lol. The ducklings poo is rather loose, but I'm not sure the chicks is - I'll have to check in the morning. Thank you! I will probably have to pick up one of those two things to give them.
    My adults are bantams, so I figured since the 6 week olds are the same size as the adults, it was a safe bet to put them together now.

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