Slightly smutty rooster joke

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    A farmer with a flock of hens wanted to hatch chicks, and realised that he would need a rooster for this. So he headed in to the livestock market to see what was for sale.

    One of the vendors had a nice looking rooster in a cage. "This bird is top of the line; he'll outperform any rooster you've ever seen! Whatever attention your hens need, they'll be certain to get."

    "How much?" asks the farmer. $50, says the vendor, but worth every penny.

    "At that price, he must be a great rooster", thinks the farmer, "What the heck, I'll give it a try". So he takes the bird home and puts him down in a pen with some chickens.

    No sooner has the farmer turned his back, than he hears a huge uproar. The rooster is jumping onto every hen in sight, one after the other until he has been with all of them. But then what does he do, but fall on his back with his eyes shut, dead to the world.

    The farmer is furious. "I've been ripped off", he thinks, "this bird has had it". He snatches the rooster out of the pen, and to his relief it regains consciousness.

    The next day the rooster is looking so spry, the farmer decides to give him another chance to join the flock. He lets him loose in the barnyard; and in a few minutes, once again hears a tremendous ruckus. The rooster is doing his duty with every chicken in the place, and before the farmer can stop him, he's been with the two ducks, the turkey and a rabbit as well. But then once again, the rooster falls to the ground with his eyes shut.

    The farmer is furious. "What a waste of $50! This time he's had it for sure." He takes the limp bird away, and once again it comes back to life.

    The next morning the farmer has resigned himself to the fainting rooster. "It seems to be a pattern, and since he does a good job otherwise - I just won't worry about it". He lets the rooster loose in the barnyard, and goes on with his chores. Once again, he hears a huge hullaballoo as the rooster tries his luck with every living thing in the area, and then it quiets down.

    When the farmer passes by some time later, he sees the rooster still flat on its back, eyes shut, and buzzards are starting to circle overhead.

    "Oh no! My poor rooster!" yells the farmer, running over to it.

    "For god's sake be quiet", hisses the rooster, pointing a wing at the sky; "You'll frighten them away!"
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    [​IMG] I get it!!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I dont get it?
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    The roo was trying to lure the buzzards down to add to his list of conquests for the day..[​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Well it made my day!
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    [​IMG] Thats what I thought. [​IMG]
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    Quote:he wasn't really passed out, he was playing dead so he could m*te with the buzzards

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