slightly swollen and slightly darkened wattles and combs

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    Jan 2, 2011
    For the last few days it has been very cold(1-20 degrees) but my chickens are very independent and like to walk the yard anyway two of them have developed swollen and darkened wattles and combs only on the bottom half of the wattle but they are eating and laying normally. Is it frost bite? here are some links to the pics.
    They have a heater in there coop and it has been on at night keeping it around 60 in there coop where they roost at night so I think this must have happened during the day.
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    Sounds like frostbite to me...I've had a few hens that had the same . They'll be fine , but I would keep them closed in when the temp is down that low . JMO .
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    Yup frostbite. I'd put some bagbalm on there and it will help with healing and keeping it from getting frostbit.
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    That is frostbite.

    We have to run heat lamps in winter , our rooster even thou he has a choice to go inside where its warm (heat lamp) or stay out in bitter cold , he will often coose to stay out to keep an eye on the girls who to date have never been bothered much by very frosty days they run around outside in the worst of weather and so far nothing has ever happened to them. but the roosters having much bigger combs are affected. we even put a hen in with him to intise him to go inside but neither wanted to go in....rooster got some dark tips on comb we had to herd them back inside. On days when wind chill is bad we make them stay in pens with lamps. except main hen barn they just dont seem to be bothered by much. the roosters seem to be the ones who have the problems, and NY is known for its harsh icey winters.

    The dark swollen parts will eventually fall off and hopefully your weather will be better , try to provide indoor areas that are out of wind and in very bad times possibly run heat lamps. If the swelling is very bad antibiotics will help. Leave them inside on bad days weather they like it or not. hopefully they did not get toe , foot frostbite.

    as above the bag balm does have a soothing affect on it.
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