Slipped achilles tendon? adolescent chick


6 Years
Apr 30, 2013
Hampton Roads, Virginia
So I was looking at one of my brothers' naked neck chicks and noticed it was hobbling but could still stand/run. Its about 2 months old and the injury is about 4-5 days old he says but I don't think he checks them often. I checked for bumblefoot = negative, synovitus, abrasion or dermal irritation. The foot looks to be turning slightly inward and kind of limpy but he still runs on it. The hock looks larger the normal and it feels like the tendon from the the foot goes toward the inside of the leg. Should I try and force the tendon over? It feel like it may have calcified just before the hock. Should I tell him to cull the chick or can it grow a little more?

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