Slipped Achilles Tendon... Help Please Soon!!!

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    May 18, 2011
    Our little sultan chick Lilly is nine days old when she was born her legs were slightly apart but we weren't concerned any. They were at a relatives and when we picked them up two days later it had only got worse. We just assumed she had a spraddle leg so we added traction and kept tying her feet together and for a couple days it looked better. At about day 8 we decided nothing was happening so we took off the rope for the night. The next morning it looked like her entire right leg is twisted around and her hock joint is swollen a little, therefore we think she has a slipped Achilles Tendon. We read that if you pull back the leg straight back it will pop back into place but were wondering if that's true because we don't want to hurt her? Also it said to make a chick chair for her, how would you do that ? She is getting around good and eating and drinking fine. We just don't want nothing to happen to her. Any tips or anything would help so much!
    thanks so much for you help.

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