Slipped Tendon! Is it too late?!

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    This precious fluff ball, Tiny Tim, is about 4-5 weeks old. It has a slipped tendon i just discovered a few days ago. I am brand new to chicks and very concerned this baby will have to be put down. I don't want it to suffer but i also want to hold onto hope that if I put enough time into it I can give it a somewhat good life. What do you guys think? Would keeping Tim's legs taped together eventually realign his tendon? Is it too late? could i make a splint? Does anyone have any recovery stories for me to hold onto?
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    Feb 15, 2017
    Hi! I had the same issue this summer with a little chicken my kids also named tiny Tim lol..he started off with one slipped tendon and then both legs had it. You can hold the chicken in one hand and gently stretch the leg towards his back to stretch the tendon. But that alone won't keep it in place it'll just help to keep it a little more flexible. I bought some vet wrap from the feed store (in the horse section) and taped each leg, then took a piece of tape and connected both legs so that he could stand up. I also had to place a tiny piece of cardboard under his foot and taped his feet flat since he couldn't keep his feet open. Without the tape he couldn't even stand up. He learned to hobble around with the tape, just kept food and water close by. He made a full recovery!

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