Slipped tendon, possibly dislocated hock, turkey

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    May 24, 2019
    I posted this in the turkey forum as well. Hoping it will get some attention here. I rescued a little poult from the hardware store, the others were walking all over her. I took her home in the hopes we can fix her leg and she can be a new family member.
    So here’s what’s going on with Little Foot’s leg. When in the store it was out sideways and she wasn’t really walking on it. Sitting a lot. I thought it was a splay leg so I made her a hobble. It seemed to help pull it in at first but her hock joint was getting swollen. I did more research and found it was probably a slipped tendon. After more searching I found how to reset it. I did (I assume since I’ve never done it before) and put a little brace made out of a nerf dart and vet wrap. It seemed to work but then she stopped walking on it all together. I tried to put the hobble to help her because with the splint her leg goes straight out to the side and she can’t balance. But the leg doesn’t bend with the splint so that didn’t work. After more digging I found she might have a dislocated joint. I watched how to set it back in place. I did that and made sure (as best I could) that the tendon was in place then wrapped it. It really seemed to improve this time. She was putting some weight on it, the toes were facing he correct way and she was getting around better. But by morning the splint was bending and it seemed her leg had shifted back again. Today I tried to reset it but it doesn’t look as straight as the first time. I have her in a chick cup so she doesn’t put any weight on it in hopes The splint won’t shift and bend.
    My questions:
    Am I doing this right? How long does she stay in the chick cup? Do I rewear it everyday or leave it on for a while? Do I need to get up every few hours I. The night to feed her or does she sleep through the night (she’s about 2 1/2 weeks old)? Really any tips are welcome. We have grown quite attached to Little Foot and want to help her and keep her.

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    How's he doing?

    General rule is, you leave the chick in the chick cup until you feel the chick's leg is capable of taking the full weight of the chick. It sounds like that point hasn't been reached yet. If you're uncertain, leave the chick because better safe than sorry.

    Chicks do not need to be fed through the night. I lean a board against the inside of my brooder for them to go under so that the heat lamp keeps them warm, but light can't get through.
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    Was doing better but had to switch the splint because after 2 days it was getting too yoghurt. Her leg would bend well so I was slowly stretching it and it popped out of place again.
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