slipped tendon recovery


11 Years
Jul 16, 2008
South Carolina
last friday i hatched 3 buff sebrights. the first one out did seem to struggle with the shell and i realized the next day had slipped tendons on both legs. they rolled to the inside of the legs and would not stay in at all. i splinted both legs and they are in, and staying in and the swelling in the hocks is gone. now the problem is how do i teach her to stand and walk normally? she is very active and has taken to crawling around on her tummy and out of her sling. i have tried a sock and a dust mask as slings and she can still get out. she tries to walk with her legs completely extended and on tip toes. i have her in splints that i have replaced the wood support with a cut up pencil grip. it give support but allows for some movement. she is eating baby bird formula and poo is normal. she is growing and is bright eyed and curious. any ideas would be helpful. thanks.

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