May 26, 2019
I was changing the meaties bedding and before I could get the new puppy pads down and one of the pullets slipped. I watched her “do the splits” and then she was limping. Her right leg turns outward when she tries to walk and she can’t seem to stay stable when standing. So now she is in a sling. The meaties are 4 weeks today and weights average 3 lbs. I’m hoping to get her to 5 lbs but I will cull her if she is miserable. Gave her a baby aspirin in electrolytes for pain. She has tried to get out of the sling but seems to have settled down. She has drank from the cup of electrolytes and pecked at the crumbles.
i Thought about it but decided to try the sling first. If she can’t tolerate the sling, she will be culled.
Well she has been doing ok since this morning. Eating and drinking, then I went to take a video of her for my neighbor when she tried to get out of the sling. She was clucking and flapping her wings trying to fly out of the sling. So she will be processed today. I feel I have given her a chance but don’t want her to suffer.

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