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Oct 23, 2010
Ok the other post didn't seem to go through or something. I have a D'uccle hen that has a limp, curled toes on the right leg, less feathers on her right leg and a scab on her breast bone. She looks healthy except for the symptoms above. Does she have slipped tendon or some other condition that I don't know about? Can anyone help me help my hen?
How old is she? I've not heard of a slipped tendon happening in an older bird, just new born chicks. A slipped tendon occors when the tendon does not stay in place over the hock joint, so the leg looks almost broken because it bends wrong at the hock joint.

Curled toes are another problem, which can be fixed in a day old chick by taping them straight.

What are you feeding the bird?

Have you inspected her foot closely for any injuries or the beginnings of bumble foot?
You said it is a hen, so I'm going to assume it is an older bird, not a young chick. If her foot is not injured, I'd make sure she is getting enough calcium and vitamins and minerals. Maybe seperate her for a few days and add vitamins and minerals to her water and try and wash her foot/leg and examine it closely. Give her some special treats like scrambled eggs for extra protein.
Ok I'll start putting Vitamins and Electrolytes in the water. But what should I do in the lipping. It is her right leg and she is missing more feathers on the right one then the left. She does not have any bumble foot nor any mites on her leg. Strangely, she started getting a scab on her breast bone(the only way to describe it is that it looks like dry skin) when she started limping. Any thoughts on that? Thank you.

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