Slipped Tendon?


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Mar 5, 2011
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I have a 14 week old hen with a leg issue and someone said it could be a slipped tendon? Can anyone tell me more about what that is, how I might be able to tell if that's what it is and what I can do, if anything, for her?

She doesn't seem to be in any pain and she's eating, drinking and has regular bowl movements. However, each day she seems more and more lethargic.
I had a bird with a slipped tendon. His hock joint on one side pointed sideways and he could not bear weight on the leg. He was a young and fast growing Sussex and got very large before this happened. I put him in a sling for three weeks, did no good.

Is the leg sticking out to front or back? If so, I would suspect Marek's. If the bird is sitting around fluffed up and lethargic, I'd check to see if the droppings are runny or bloody and suspect coccidiosis (Corid in water is good for that)
The leg is below her. I'd like to try to wrap/sling it. Can anyone tell me or better yet show me some picture of how to do this? Also, can anyone tell me what I should be feeling for when setting it?
For a sling, I took a man's tee shirt, cut holes for legs and a poop hole. Then if you have a crate that opens from the top (or turn one over so the door is on top), run zip ties thru tee shirt and attach to each corner of the cage. You will have to adjust up or down so she can balance herself and touch the floor. Then food and water cups within reach and she should be comfortable. Birds I have put in slings this way have been pretty content.

Vet wrap works well for wrapping legs.
Yes, just adjust the height so the bird can stand on the good leg. It will put as much weight as is comfortable on the bad leg.

Also, check further up in the leg, may have something up in the hip/thigh joint.
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Ok, I'm going to give it a try. Should I take her out every now and then to let her attempt to move around a bit. She really enjoys resting in the backyard in areas where she can grass and forage in what ever is near her.
Well I did it! She seems happy and began drinking water right away! Oh, I hope this works. I'll send you some pictures when I get a chance. It's crude but seems to be working.
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