Slkie with ingrown feet feathers?

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    Mar 15, 2015
    When I was getting the chicks from the breeder, I had to take the little misfit home. She quickly turned into our favorite little girl. She has deformed toes from being in the incubator. One each foot her outer 1-2 toes are folded under so they are the areas that she walks on. When I was giving her a once over I noticed that the bottoms of her feet had spotting/ulcers/scabs...I was told by other breeders that it is bumble. So I started to dive in and tackle the infection. What was coming out with infection were feathers. So we had infection and ingrown feathers on the bottoms where she walks.

    Has anyone had to deal with this? I am wondering how to help this for the next time...special bedding, soaking???

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