Slopping the ducks

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    Mar 2, 2015
    There are so many opinions on how to feed ducklings and ducks. This is just what I do. I slop them in the shower so the mess is a breeze to clean up. I bought three sided bins at Dollar store that make great slop troughs. Every morning I fill their tub in the shower for their bath, after slopping they are a sticky mess. This is how I make the slop. I take some oats and grind them in my food processor to almost a powder and put it in the trough, then a spoonful of plain yogurt, brewers yeast, finally chopped greens like mustard and kale. Sometimes I add chopped boiled egg, a few grapes, squash or whatever I have in the fridge that is duck safe and healthy. The troughs have a low lip on the front that holds just enough warm water to make it nice and sloppy. Mix well and set it right beside their tub in the shower. After they eat I just plop them in the tub. I was going to add a video but for some reason it won't let me :barnie
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