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    Dec 30, 2008
    can anyone help me with some info on a slow chick, it hatched from the bator 3 days ago, only one, the rest didnt hatch. It still cant really walk that well, more stumbles around the cage, sleeps alot, doesnt really seem to want to eat or drink, but any movement or noise around it, just starts cheaping like crazy, if i pick it up it snuggles into my hand and closes its little eyes. any ideas, do you think it could be a result of something i did wrong with the incubation? should i bother with this chick, seems quite lively but i worry about it.
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    The chick needs company. [​IMG] If you're unable to get any chicks near its age to keep it company, at least put a stuffed animal inside the cage so the chick can snuggle up with it. The best thing would be a broody hen.... Chickens are very social animals; this little one is no exception.
    It will also watch other chicks eat/drink which encourages it to do the same. Give it lots of human company if you can, but remember that like all babies, it will need a lot of sleep in the first couple of weeks.


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