Slow grower, failure to thrive, or I guessed the wrong mommy?


12 Years
May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
ok I hatched one egg. I had more but they did not hatch. I know for sure the daddy is a maran but mom is in question. It could even be a bantam polish or feyuma( I know I spelled that wrong). I thought maybe it was from my red production hens but.. Anywho I got 3 birds from another brcer. Hers were slightly bigger than mine. 3 weeks later 2 of hers are GIANTS. I swear they are at least double the size of the other 2. The little one I hatched is still a fuzzy butt. Not feathering out at all.

I thought maybe failure to thrive but its a heavy little buddy, its super active, always eating, always playing, drinking its little vitamin water. It seems to be the picture of health. The others all got pasty butt but this one resisted. So I don't see failure to thrive except the thing is not growing fast at all. The other smaller one had pasty butt really bad but got over it and its slightly bigger than my maran baby but I tell you those other 2.... well its david and goliath. Anywho should I be fretting? Could my polish or feyuma bantam survived mating with my maran fella? If it was a polish mix would it still have poof head cause this one does not but it does look otherwise like my polish did in coloring.

I am feeding this guy the very best I can and it doesn't seem to be making a huge difference except the bigger ones just keep getting bigger. They have really benefited from this all you can crumble and every other day egg diet I have them on.
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Sounds like mama is a small bird, like a polish. I don't know whether a polish mama would produce a chick like yours or not. Perhaps a thread in the breeds and genetics forum would tell you.

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