Slow growing chick or bantam?


Apr 7, 2019
Hi! We got fourteen chicks from Hoover's in August. They were born on the 13th I believe, ish. Two weeks later we got 3 more chicks. So the 3 chicks are 2 weeks younger than the 14 chicks.
One of the 14 chicks is tiny. We think she is a Cuckoo Marans and she came from either the Rare Breed or Colored Egg Layer assortment, but I've heard stories of hatcheries mixing up chicks :) She is now actually a little smaller and a tiny bit less feather growth than the 3 2-wk-younger chicks!! I will post a picture tomorrow morning when it gets light! In the meantime, does anyone know if she's just a very slow growing chick or a bantam? Even that wouldn't explain feather growth though...
Here is a picture from a few days ago. (The 12th to be precise) Thanks!

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