Slow growing chickens?

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    My chickens are about 21 weeks old and they do not seem full size. I would guess another month for them to be full size. I read online how some are already laying eggs at this age? I checked them and they don't seem skinny. Just young. I really hope it's not to some poor diet. I do know that factory farmed chickens grow super fast and that it's so not healthy. Any idea?
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    Most chickens take 1-2 years to fully mature based on breeds. Hens will sexually mature anywhere from 4-12 months based on breed, breeding, feeding and time of year.

    Young birds will feel thin, older birds will feel fuller but shouldn't be fat.

    The breeds you have should start laying at about 5-7 months. I would expect the barred rock to start first.

    Factory farm birds grow fast because of breeds and breeding. Your breeds are heritage and dual purpose breeds which mature a bit slower but live and produce longer.
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