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Apr 1, 2018
Hello everyone!

My girl Raja has been pretty slow moving lately. Laying down in the run, not eating much, and just overall being lethargic. I noticed that her tail has been down a lot lately so I put her in our hospital box and she hasn’t really drank or ate anything other than a little oatmeal and yogurt. I have no idea what could be wrong with her. She hasn’t laid for a week or two. I checked her for egg bound and nothing. I checked her for bugs and nothing either. She has lost some feathers but nothing crazy. Brought her out to roam today and she is walking and picking at grass. Any thoughts?? Her poo has been very white and slimy. No sign of worms.


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How old is she, and has she molted this year? During molting which is common this time of the year, chickens can be stressed, aloof, have a decreased appetite, and may lie around resting.

But since these symptoms may be common in a sick chicken, I would look her over, and consider getting some droppings checked for worms and coccidiosis by a vet. There are also commercial test kits on Amazon to mail in to check for parasites. If you cannot do that, you can go ahead and treat for worms with Valbazen or SafeGuard, and treat with Corid fir coccidiosis.

Try wetting chicken feed making it watery, and place some cooked egg or chopped liver on top to tempt her. Check her over and around her vent for mites or lice. If you have an inexpensive kitchen scal, you can get a weight to keep track of any weight loss.

Here is a link for the worm and coccidiosis test kit:

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