Slow or stunted feather growth?

queen dani

7 Years
Mar 31, 2012
Fort Myers, Florida

This is violet. We got him.. or her mixed bag style from the feed store (they order from Ideal) a few weeks ago with a bunch of other bantams. I've made a few guesses at what kind of chicken Violet is (I'd love to hear your guesses) but as with our other mystery bag chicks I won't really be able to tell until he starts to develop... and there lies the problem..

All of the other chicks have fully feathered wings and a good start on their body feathering, they are all different breeds so they all developed at slightly different rates, but Violet is far behind. Her wing feathers have grown out a bit but at a ridiculously slow rate and some of them seem deformed.

When I first noticed the slow growth I checked her out and noticed these pins and felt satisfied that she was going to develop - but that was a few weeks ago and the pins haven't developed any further. I tried to find some information on the internet but it seems most people with a similar problem also had a sick chick - Violet has never been sick - is very spunky and determined (you should see how hard she flaps her wings and tries to fly - it's both sad and hilarious), and isn't noticeably smaller than the other bantam chicks.. What is up with this chicken? Any ideas on what breed she/he is? Thanks! :)
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Yeah, I read that roosters have slower feather growth too. Violet and Goldie (who I believe is a white cochin) both had slower growth then the others but Goldie caught up and Violet didn't - that's when I started to think something may be a miss.

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