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    Jun 20, 2007
    I have one sick hen I'm pretty sure out of my flock of 16. Over the last several months she has been standoffish with others or when I come into the coop. She would always seem to be the one in the back, I just thought it was her personality. She would still eat, drink and lay with the others. When I would throw a small amount of corn out as a treat she would not run after it like all of the others. So I get home yesterday and she is laying on her side in the pen area, I thought she was dead, so I scoop her up and lay her inside one of the nesting boxes. She is feeling somewhat stiff and not really that vigorous when I moved her. I dipped her beak in the waterer and she didn't really go for it. So I left her in the box overnight, did some research on this website to see what I can find. So I thought it would have been and impacted egg however when I went out this morning to check, there was an egg in here box, weird thing is she has the penguin type of stance. I dipped her beak in the water and she did seem to drink a little. All of them are about 10 months old, 5 gallon waterer is changed once a week and fed SS laying crumbles. I did add some electolytes to the water yesterday, maybe that may help?

    My guess is it would be worms, because there doesn't seem to be any other symptoms to go off of. She is a little thinner then the others, oh, and her comb is very poorly looking, maybe 1/2 inch off of her head where the others all are 1.5-2inches and a deep red in color. No smell, sneezing, wheezing, mucus, etc coming from her.

    any thoughts?
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    First off, you need to get this bird separated from the others asap. From what you said, it is hard to tell what is wrong with her. If you think she may have worms, you need to put the feed to her right away, so she gets her strength up so you can worm her. You can see worming information HERE . Also, you need to scrap that 5 gallon waterer. You should be providing fresh water every day, no matter what. It is also a good idea to scrub clean your waterer once a week, especially in the summer months. Good luck!

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