SLW has bumblefoot- please read.. crooked toes!

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    ok, so a few months ago i bought some SLW hens off a girl nearby. she advertised one had a crooked toe. i confess i did NOT inspect her feet when i got her. i was more focused on eyes, bum, feathers, etc etc. i never looked under her foot. just looking at it it looked like her middle toe was bent. all was normal
    ( as purchased) until a week or two ago when i noticed she was limping. these SLW are the top "dawgs" of my flock and you have to be very.. FAST to catch her so again, upon just looking at her i noticed another toe of just the same foot was also curled, causing her to limp.

    i figured since i changed from layena laying crumbles to a mill feel with corn and boss in it, i noticed a lot of powder left at the bottom because they pick through it and i thought vitamins were not getting eaten, which.. the girl told me the toe was from a vitamin deficiency when she was still growing.. now im not sure:rolleyes:

    so i was out in the pen i quarted off in the garage and one of my other hens was blocking the door.. i made my move:cool: and got her. i looked at it, flipped the foot up and OMG an abcess with a black round thing. other than that, no blood, no redness if any at all and her foot otherwise seems pretty good( its not tween the toes).

    Now, on to question...( other than soaking squeezing, usual remedy)... when this is taken care of--- will her one toe that has curled in my presence go back to normal? if so you think t here is a chance for full toe-recovery?

    EDIT: The only thing that i can think of is that she had a small infection brewing when i got her or she poked herself on the chick pen( has chicken wire on it) in the few weeks that was in their old pen-- she roosted on it- and it leaked onto their dirt floor and made a bad bad stinky mess-so that wasnt good- thats the reason for the new pen in the garage. she didnt limp until after the new pen.

    Thanks in advance!
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