SLW hen limping and breathing heavily.

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    May 12, 2009
    Well the subject says it all. I just noticed today that she was sitting down heaps and is finding it really hard to walk on her left leg. She doesn't have any other symptoms exept for the heavy breathing which I am putting down to stress from the pain.
    Does she have something or has she just hurt her leg?
    What should I do with her?
  2. CMV

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Did you check her for bumble foot? Leg injuries are fairly common in ground birds. Some you can treat, some you can't, some just heal on their own given a little time and rest. Establish first that she doesn't have something that can be treated. Check for bumble foot, fractures, swelling/hot spots- basically anything that is not right with the foot or leg. If you can't find something overtly wrong then you must move on to the things you can't treat. Things you can't actively treat can generally be dealt with by giving her some time and rest. Separate her from her flock and put her in a small crate where she can't run around and keep injuring herself. If you can put her "hospital crate" in the coop where she can still see everyone, but not be harassed by her coopmates, she has a good chance of healing on her own. Give her her own feed and water supply in her crate. Hopefully, she will recover within a week or two, and can be set free.

    I had a duck fracture his leg at a young age when a goose pounced on him. Given the very flighty nature of my ducks, I could not treat the injury after the first assessment to make sure the fracture was not displaced. The duck did his own rest/recuperation thing on his own. He isolated himself from the main flock and parked himself next to the feed station. He could always be found there with his leg stretched (awkwardly) out in front of him. He sat like that for several weeks and then started waddling around, again. He limped for the remainder of his life, but was in no way impeded by it. He made a full recovery.

    Hope this helped. Good luck.

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