slw hen mouth open, lethargic, not eating, Help me!!

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    Apr 6, 2014
    Three days ago I noticed my 5mo old slw hen limping and she had a small cut on her foot, I cleaned it, neosporin and vet wrap. Next day, still limping vet rap gone!! Could not find anywhere! It was a long slim piece, think she may have eaten it, but she is around other birds too.
    Replaced with a larger vet wrap so none of them could eat it. Today, soaked her foot in epsom salt water, cleaned wound, looks red irritated. She has a small limp, not as bad today. However, she is now lethargic, white runny poo, not eating and her mouth remains open.
    Two things may have happened:
    She either ate the vet wrap the first time and now has an intestinal blockage
    Or sour crop or
    Maybe her pain is causing her to act this way??
    Pictures below
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