SlW pullet? 5 weeks

Miss Lydia

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Almost looks like a pigeon to me, but then I'm not a chicken person.
Miss Lydia: I sure could use your help!! I have duck's. I've had a electrical power shortage which I believe to have caused 1 premature hatching/died next day, 2 breach/didn't make it out of shell & 1 live one (Cleopatra) 10 days old. I didn't want her to be alone, so, I bought 3 more ducks at Tractor Supply. Two were all black w/black feet, one was supposedly mallard. The smallest black duck was too young & was dehydrated. I put them in w/Cleo & all are fine. I had a surprise hatching two days ago. (Chanel #5). I wanted to make sure she was OK before I put her w/the others. I started to put them together & they won't accept her. I watched for a long time & it's not working. She's very different. All are dark, but she is gray. The ones I'm trying to hatch are from a large white duck & a Mallard. Any suggestions? I trust your judgement in this matter. Thank you!!!!

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