SLW rooster???


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
I have 3 3 week old slw's. Two are large and have smooth forheads with no wattles yet. The third one is smaller and has a spiky comb developing. No wattles though. Does this sound like a rooster to anyone? I live in town and we can't have roos so I'm worried. Sorry I don't have a picture. I'll try to post one tomorrow. Thanks!
Here is a picture of the chick in question and another of the three together. The one in front I'm sure is a pullet. Thanks for everyone's help!

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It's hard to tell anything from the small pictures.
If you purchased the chicks from a hatchery, you may have boys and girls with single (spikey) combs. This is a disqualification in showing but if you just have them for pets or eggs it shouldn't matter. The color of the comb and wattle development are what to look for in telling the boys from the girls. Boys will get a darker pink comb more quickly than the girls and will develope wattles more quickly. You'll be able to tell them apart long before the roos crow. Enjoy your Wyandottes and check out the Wyandotte breed thread on the Breeds...Genetics forum for more pics that may help you sex yours.
Trying to figure out if this chicken is a rooster or hen, almost 6 weeks of age SLW with a rose comb


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