SLW Sleeps with Her Head Under Another Pullet's Body? (6 months)

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    Recently we took out the old roosts we had in the coop and replaced them with multi-leveled, much wider ones, which made our girls pretty happy. Since this change I've noticed that my SLW Bertie has, funny enough, been sleeping with her entire head under my Salmon Faverolle's body. They have always been roost buddies, always sitting together, but, uh...why this?

    When I go out after dark to check on everyone, Bertie will emerge from the depths of the other chicken to say hi, often panting a little with her wings spread.

    Should I be doing something about this? I mean, it kind of cracks me up, but at the same time Bertie seems really hot. But she goes right back to it when I go to leave. Becky the Salmon Faverolle doesn't mind a bit. She'll even have a wing out sometimes.

    Chickens are so strange. Please let me know if this is unusual or something to be concerned about. :)
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    Most hens tuck their head under their own wing, perhaps you chicken feels uncomfortable that way, and can't bend her neck without discomfort. Otherwise she's still young so she could just be doing baby behaviors yet. And finally some chickens just like being different, and doing their own thing.
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    I have a couple birds that sleep with their heads tucked in behind their own wings from the top,
    one that is often under the wing of the bird next to her,
    and a couple that try to get under another bird.

    Especially when alarmed, was checking a damaged toe last night on the roost after dark and she started to crawl under the bird next to her.

    Yes chickens are strange, and it's nothing to worry about.
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