SLW's and Internal Laying/EYP


12 Years
Aug 6, 2011
In Happy Chickenland, Holland MI
My Coop
My Coop
This spring I bought 4 wyandottes from Family, Farm and home. They get their chicks from Townline. I got two silvers and two golds. One gold was killed by a raccoon raid, the other 3 made it out alive and were raised by their silkie foster daddy. About 2-3 weeks ago, I had one of the SLW die from repro issues. Now I the other in my garage, under a heat lamp because she just couldn't make it to the coop today, and is soaked from the rain that started. She wasn't too soaked, underfeathers were still dry. Well, anyway, she has squishy belly, its hanging low, and she really can not walk. Last year I lost my beautiful Veena to the same darn thing. What is it with hatchery dottes and reproductive complications?

The first one died shortly after starting to lay, and now this one had been laying for a few weeks only. I haven't gotten any eggs from her this last week, I just assumed it was from the crap weather and I don't supplement any light. This is just heart breaking really.

Anyway, is anyone else experiencing these difficulties so early on with their wyandottes this year?

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