small 4.5lb maltese/papillon mix... nc


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10 Years
Jan 26, 2009
gboro nc
she is absolutely my love, but my kids come first!

she is 11m and utd on all her shots. she hasnt been fixed, as noone around here does small dogs without it being outrageous!!!

the reason she needs a new home is she is slightly aggressive. my dh cant pick her up, she bites him... my 3yo cant pick her up anymore now either!!! she bit him too!!!! she barks at dh, and most strangers who come into our house. i would love her to go to a home that has no little kids... or cats. we have been trying to break her of the aggression for 5 months now, it isnt working. in fact it seems to be getting worse. she does fine with other dogs, has no food aggression(they eat from the same bowl, at the same exact time
) just needs someone who can give her a better home, where she wont get in trouble for being mean to the kids. she is housetrained for the most part... we use puppy pads but she will go outside too, as long as it isnt raining!!! i would like to rehome her for 200, but would be willing to take best offer. please let me know!!! i hope someone can give her the home she deserves!!!

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