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    Mar 11, 2007
    The eggs in the incubator are on day 17, however the air cells seem small compared to the picture of the aircell on day 18 in the book (Gail Damerow's Guide to Raising Chickens)?? It says I should decrease humidity to increase air cell size? But they're due to hatch in 4 days and I'm not supposed to open the incubator after tomorrow?? So do I still need to increase the humidity for the hatch? What will happen if I just leave the humidity as it is? And NO I do not have a hydrometer.
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    If the air cell is noticably smaller than you think it should be there is little to be done at day 17. Could it simply be a factor of overly large chicks in the eggs? This can happen when the humidity is running a little to high during the incubation period or a factor in the genetic line. My Orpingtons always have a smaller air cell than you would normally expect. HUGE chicks!

    Personally I would continue like everything is normal.
  3. P0U1TRYP3RS0N

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    Mar 11, 2007
    We're now on day 19....I added to wet paper towels to the bottom of the incubator for extra humidity. Anyone else with advice??
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    I would just let them go as is and see what happens. You will be surprised how much they can dry down in the last day or so. I used to worry about my marans as they never seemed to dry down properly. They have a particulary thick shell that slows evaporation so will not progress at the same rate as other breeds in the same bator. I discovered that they actually do just fine and hatch out without problems, even with small cells on day 17. Good luck with your hatch!

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    Mar 2, 2008
    Quote:Yeah ... with some caveats, but only because you can control humidity more effectively, what Richard said.

    Eggs are resilient, and will suffer much, then hatch. Day 18 is too late to worry about air cell size. Raise the humidity to 70 and pray.

    Humidity management needs to be done in the first 14 days to impact much.

    There is a way to intervene when eggs have very small air spaces, but I can't see yours, and intervention carries significant risk.

    Good Luck

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