small ball in crop in morning

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    I did a crop check yesterday morning and found one of my silkie's crop was quite large. However, I thought it might have been some Koop Clean or grit she picked up in the coop before I let them out. So I swept out all the hay and had a completely clean floor last night. This morning I checked her and it was no longer bulging like it was last night when she went to bed, but I can still feel a small hard ball. I separated her and put her in a cage with only water and grit. Did I do the right thing? Are there some chickens whose crop can always be somewhat felt?
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    I think if you are feeling anything hard she may have something knotted up in there and you did the right thing. If her crop isn't blocked yet that knot can slow things down and create a blockage quickly. There is a great article about crop issues in the Learning Center on here under Articles. Written by Twocrows. Check it out for some advice and good luck.
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