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    Hi all...

    You know me... the BiscottiQueen! Though I have a nice small business going I think its time to grow. I've been working on plans, business plans, pricing locations, looking at town demographics to see if I really can grow well with a store front... and... I think I can!

    The economy has not been nice to my family, my husband is still unemployed but he goes out everyday taking ANYTHING he can get for us. I had a good amount of money saved from my business for my business, but ended up using it to take care of us. Which I do not regret... I'd do it again any day! [​IMG] So I have found some non-traditional loan options out there to turn over my business plan too, but I know there are grants and groups out there as well.

    So my always savvy BYC friends, I can to ask of any groups you may know, or small business sites you want to shout about? I know there is a LOT out there, but I do not want to waste hours and days contacting groups, sites or organization that will not work for me. I want to go right to where I need to be, and where I will have the most likely success.

    Before its said, I have help constructing the $$$ I need from a wonderful woman who works with, I will be applying for a loan with this fantastic organization as soon as I complete my business plan (plan a & plan b are in the works). I would like to get any grants I could get first of course, so I have some kind of stable financial appearance when asking for more money.

    And... as always... you all have such great advice to mull over. Talking to my family and friends is pretty pointless right now... everyone is struggling and everyone is being negative. I have to treat this as a business opportunity... you know, get it while its CHEAP. Besides, the first 5 years are going to a struggle anyways... why not try to grow while the economy tries to grow? Makes sense to me.

    Thanks all for your time, and eyes!
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    [​IMG] Atta girl, keep up with the positive note!!!
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    Small Business Grants are tough to get, I understand.

    Last summer I know that some of Obama's stimlus money was floating
    around here in Ohio. $50.000 at 1.5% interest for use to start-up as a
    single business, or the same $50,000 to add one employee. Had to promsie
    the postition for one year.

    I rememeber talking with the lady, but not exactly where...I don't remember
    the department. Something in our local action, maybe?
    Definitely wasn't a bank. Something based in our courthouse.

    I qualified for it, but decided to pass in the end. Goverment already knows enough
    about me.
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    Go to local Chamber of Commer and see if they have a SCORE program...It is a retired business executive who helps small businesses get started, organized, etc. I bet such a person could help you navigate a lot and best of all ....It's Free! If I see anything else, I'll pm ya...

    Best of wishes and I believe that it's the willingness to do what is needed will make all the difference. I make biscotti here too and folks do like it! Great Product you have and should expand well....

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