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12 Years
Jul 7, 2007
West Michigan
After reading the horrible fiascos that some people have experiened with their chick orders this spring, I'm really counting my blessings.

I had three chicks shipped from Meyer Hatchery in Ohio (to Michigan) last month. I receieved FOUR healthy chicks. They arrived on day 4 our their lives (because the hatchery couldn't ship on Presidents' Day). All were very healthy and boisterous, despite temps in the SINGLE DIGITS. I was quite amazed.

So was I stupid and just lucky? I had been reassured by the Hatchery that they'd do just fine--but in retrospect, I don't think it was wise. Does anyone else have any experince with small orders (good or bad)?
I ordered 7 from meyer's small order program - got 8 pullets.

I got them early Tues morning (in NC) Other than the shipping costing more than the chicks (which I do understand), it was a great experience!
I completely understand, too. And where else can you get four pets for under $45.00??

How do you know that your 8th chick is a pullet? I'm wondering about my extra chick. . .
A pullet is a female chicken under the age of one year old. After that, she is called a hen.

A male chicken under the age of one, is a cockeral.
Did they pack them any differently? Can you take pictures? I am going to be sending chicks and would like to insure their survivability as best I can. If 4 made it in the cold, did they do anything special to the packaging? Just asking.
Yes, they were packed with a heat pack. They were in a very small box, which was packed with what looked like shredded paper bags. There was just enough room in the "nest" for the four chicks. Honestly, I don't know if the heat pack was still providing heat when they finally got here. There were VERY drawn to the heat lamp in my brooder box!!

Sorry, I can't post pictures. I threw everything away.

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