Small chick, small eye, weird chicken sounds


Jul 9, 2019
Coeur d’ Alene, ID
Hello All!
I am still very new to chickens and have a question about one that hatched about six weeks ago.
She has always been smaller than the rest, her left eye is significantly smaller than her right eye (she seems to have a hard time seeing from this eye) and her feathers always seem disheveled. Oh.. and she makes weird noises. If small none aggressive dinosaurs were still alive they would sound like this. She doesn’t speak typical chicken.
She is my favorite pullet and incredibly sweet. I would love to have chicks from her.
Should I be concerned about her size and eye?
What is going on with her feathers?
Does a chicken making weird noises have anything to do with... anything?
She is a bard yard mix and isn’t sickly. She’s just very different from her siblings.


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Aww, bless her little heart... she's adorable! The disheveled mismatched eye look reminds me of my daughter's betta. I call him "Dumpster Fish" because he chews his tail and looks all disheveled. You have a dumpster chicken! :lau

I agree though - I wouldn't add her genetics to your flock. Just enjoy her cute-ness. :love

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