Small chicken coop for pickup only


10 Years
May 31, 2009
I just got a new chicken coop, and I need to get rid of the old one. The old one holds up to four hens, but does not come with nesting boxes; I will give you the instructions to build the ones that I use. Two boxes fit on the supports. The roof is/was made up of four panels that hinged so you could open the top to look inside, but we had a big storm that broke the roof, so it needs repair, or if you just want to screw down the roof and shingle it, I'm sure that would work too.
There is a removable screened window and a removeable pop door. There is a hinged tilt-down door for egg collection.
It also has a really cute little window box, which is probably worth $5 by itself.
The bad news is that you have to come to Berlin, MA to pick up the coop. The good news is that it easily fits in the bed of a truck.


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12 Years
Feb 24, 2007
Central Massachusetts
berlin is just on the other side of worcester right? Not that far for me! Hoping Hoping that i get it... I have a millie breeding project i want to set up in there!

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