Small Chicken Tractors that are Goat Climbing Proof?


6 Years
Mar 1, 2013
Louisburg, KS
I'd like to build a few grow out pen chicken tractors for chicks not ready to integrate to the flock yet, but my area to tractor in is also where the goats are allowed to roam and I have no doubt they'll be attempting to climb on whatever I put out there. Other than electric netting to keep them away from the tractors (no funds to purchase that right now), any ideas to either make the designs more tolerant of goat weight up top or less attractive to climb on?

I'm thinking small A frames might be the ticket with little area to stand up top and the shape making a sturdy frame to handle whatever they dish out. The top will be wooded down for the coop space anyway, so with any luck the goats wouldn't be able to damage it when climbing because the weight *ideally* should be on the wood not wire portions. I'd think the shape would encourage them to climb on any of the more attractive surfaces since it'd be hard to stand on top of with the narrow peak - or maybe they'd see it as a challenge.

They have things to climb on already, but never failed to climb on the one mini chicken coop I was using as a grow out pen prior - it has not taken the wear well. Upgrading their climbing structures is in the long term plans, but the tractors need to be done first to keep the chickens from getting crowded, so it's not a solution right now either.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!

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