small chicks??

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    Jan 24, 2013
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    I got 5 chicks from a local farmer about a week ago, he told me they we're 3days old, born on MLK day... And that they we're americana... Easter Eggers.

    Well 2 of the 5 are about half the size of the other chicks (have always been smaller) they eat, drink and have gotten wing feathers like the others but are still smaller compared to the others.

    Are there "runt" chickens? Or maybe its a gender thing... Or even a been thing ?? Or they could have even hatched later and he just didn't tell me ??

    There seem to be no other differences between them besides the size and one of the bigger chicks has some tail feathers starting , no bloated bellies or anything, I've searched threads ... But have found nothing ... Any thoughts ?? [​IMG]
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    Chicken can vary in size. Sex sometimes plays a role. Breeding can often play a role in size as well. Also, there are large fowl or standard size chickens and then there also bantam chickens. Think miniature. Any of these possibilities could be the reason.
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