Small coop ventilation in winter


Oct 27, 2017
Hi all,

I have a small coop ~3’x3’ with only 3 hens left after a coyote attack a few weeks ago. I took out their top roosting bar so that I could provide more ventilation at the top without the wind being able to directly blow on them. From what I read one of the most important factors in keeping chickens healthy in the winter is good ventilation in the coop; however, what I haven’t seen is pics of smaller coops with good ventilation. Just want to make sure my ventilation is adequate and would like to see what others are doing with small coops in cold climates. Could people post their coop ventilation pics here?


8 Years
I don't have any pics handy, but it's not really too exact a science. As long as moisture and ammonia can escape, and they can roost where they can cover their feet, that's really all that's required. The ventilation has to allow fresh air in, allow moisture to escape, but not let wind blow on them.
Size of coop doesn't matter as far as how it's ventilated, as long as the same principles are followed.
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